ShunTr has searched out and recruited the most capable performers in psychometric testing. Our test specialists can fly through any numerical, verbal or critical reasoning tests going.

Simply put,we’ll ace it for you!


Welcome to ShunTR. Our objective is simple, to provide you with a way to be successful. We are the go-to place for career seekers and existing job applicants. We succeed in offering a range of services from passing your pre-employment psychometric tests, writing standout resumes or creating impacting job applications. We do this with the help of professionals…our ShunTs!

ShunTs are our experts. They’re responsible for producing the excellent work our reputation is built on. Every ShunT has a specialist area of knowledge and has been thoroughly screened by us to ensure they produce only the finest quality of work that our clients deserve. Rest assured that the ShunT assigned to you is the very best and has the knowledge, experience and determination to get the results you seek.

We understand that life can be stressful at times, and without being aware of it, work can easily pile up. ShunTR is a service that allows people to achieve their career goals without the need to compromise on other aspects of life. We’ve responded to the work needs of clients worldwide – and view no job as too big, too small, too esoteric or straightforward. So sit back and take some time for yourself – you now have someone working hard for you!


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